Titanfall Campaign Will Last Two Hours for Each Side Paid DLC Confirmed

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Laylow12 posted...
Paying extra for a single player campaign that lasts 4 hrs. is a new low for Microsoft. That matches the over $100 they wanted to charge for a single DLC car in Forza 5.


Looks like someone didn't read the OP...
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squarex8264 posted...
I'm really curious to see what the format of the campaign matches will be like, and if there will be any sort of "difficulty" factor for replayability-- or if the difficulty is based entirely on who you are matched up against.

Porunga posted...
The problem that I find with that, honestly, is that multiplayers have an even shorter shelf life than single player games in my experience. A single player game can be played over and over (if it is good) forever.. a multiplayer only game has a life span of a year or so. After that, they might as well take all copies of the game off shelves, because its multiplayer community is dead and the game is now unplayable.

Wut? What shooter campaign did you play for a year? And you can still go back and play games like halo 3 multi
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wrettcaughn posted...
How many hours were the Left 4 Dead campaigns?

They ranged from about 45 minutes to a hour and a half each, longer if you played expert.
The base game had, what...8 or so campaigns I think? And if you have the PC version you got every l4d1 map free+ 3 new maps. L4d2 has a pretty solid amount of content, I got over 1K hours from vs =3
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