XBO to do ray tracing with the power of the cloud. A super heavy GPU technique.

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i suggest you go take a reading course, because it is obvious to everyone you have no clue how to read.

Please enlighten me.

No where did MS mention cloud. Second no where did MS confirm ray tracing would be guaranteed to be coming to xbox one.

the writer mentioned cloud as an assumption that is how it would be done and MS said they were testing it on the xbox one.

Microsoft Game Studios corporate VP Phil Spencer has offered some interesting new details on the future of the Xbox One, especially regarding the potential behind its Cloud computing service.

You DO realize that there is NO f***ing way XBO or even ps4 can do ray tracing by it's self right?
If either console even had a THOUGHT of doing it using their local hardware they would explode immediately.

and you do realize this has been posted at least 5 times yesterday right?

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