Microsoft Coming Debuting Direct X12 at GDC

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I wouldn't be surprised if it gets integrated with the X1 to make the hardware perform even better since they were being developed around the same time.

Quoting off someone else

alpha635 @ ign comments
"Maybe, its just a theory, microsoft made the xbox one inferior knowing that they'd patch this in to make it superior down the road and since they used less expensive hardware, they make a profit and its cheaper for consumers."

If true they knew exactly what they were doing.
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you guys crack me up.
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That... isn't how things work.
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wow lol that's a winner
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This is more likely to end up on the pc than it will on a console. However, if i remember right both ps4 and xbox are using the same graphic company (AMD). With that said, it's is ill advise for AMD to allow direct x12 to be on xbox and not on ps4. Hence, if applicable, the ps4 will still run better due to slightly better graphic card.
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El oh el
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That'd be completely pointless.
"Well let's just half-*** it now.... Make people mad."
"We can always patch it later."

That don't even make sense.
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Clouds, Tiled Resources, Ray Tracing, Direct X12. What's the next PR stunt going to be and why don't these things ever show up in the games?

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Remember that $3billion MS threw at AMD, while Sony just went with something off the shelf? Here we go.