Funny walking into Gamestop and being bombarded with Titanfall sales pitch

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lazycomplife posted...
Microsoft is an american company. Gamestop is an american company. EA is an american company.
Therefore, america.

**** yeah?
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Gunvalkyrie2 posted...
..not sure how they can urge a game so fervently that has NO SINGLE PLAYER.. I hate multiplayer gaming..they act as though everyone loves multiplayer gaming -- WE DON'T!

I like multiplayer when it's done right, but I agree.
Singleplayer is usually a very important thing in a game to me.
Even if everyone will go to the multiplayer modes right away, I still like to have a mode that I can go back to and enjoy by myself at my own pace.
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Well its the best next gen game to come out with nothing major on the horizon so its the only game to push sales on.
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lazycomplife posted...
Microsoft is an american company. Gamestop is an american company. EA is an american company.
Therefore, america.

That has nothing to do with it.'d be surprised.

Support your American Companies =P I know I am!
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Gamestop and EB games are a joke, why go in their stores?
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Geist posted...
It's amusing, some of you must live in areas just surrounded by crappy sales people. No one at any of my Gamestops ever act how people here post they do. Most of the time they just say "Hi", "What's up?", and "How can I help you?".

It's because none of these gamestop stories ever happened. Just more straw-mans being put up by the Sony Agitation Front.
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Sorry to break it to ya bud, but umm...I don't know too many people who hate MP as much as you. Most love the competition.

I hate multiplayer that much.

The lack of singleplayer is a total dealbreaker.

And you're in the minority.

Not really, main focused singleplayer games have the most sales, more sales = more interest

Judging by the amount of people in Halo 4 matchmaking, I'd saying the majority of those millions of sales play the campaign mostly.

One country


I'm going to need more proof of this.
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TC you are very much in the minority. EA, MS or Respawn are not trying to get those type of players.
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motoraptor posted...
If Titanfall had a mediocre 6 hour single player campaign would that really make a difference to you trolls?

No it wouldn't they just be trolling...they hatin...they roll that way.

But seriously no wouldn't make a difference, if it had a 6 hour campaign they would laugh that it's only 6 hours or make nonsense topics like this one. People that prefer online dislike the campaign or just don't even finish it at all and go straight into multiplayer. I like both online and multiplayer.

If a major game that has single player only and gets hyped, we would get topics about how it would fail because no multiplayer, or how said person is upset because they're multiplayer warriors only. It never ends. Someone call Blizzard to tell them their 10 year empire is doomed because multiplayer only.
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i made this topic 2 days ago

its crazy walking in there and everything is covered in green xbone ads

you cant even look in the windows
they are screaming at the outside world to come in and test drive the xbox