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So we get Worms for free on December...
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BoBEasyCompany1411/26 3:17PM
who else traded in the kinect for xbox one.
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shads30552711/26 3:07PM
So Halo WILL be fixed by Christmas, right?
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Storrac1511/26 3:06PM
Would you accept 343i's apology if it turned out to be..._MrENigma_411/26 3:04PM
[MicrosoftLover Poll] Which HIGHLY anticipated game became the biggest flop this (Poll)
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MicrosoftLover4911/26 2:49PM
try destiny free?spartansbrother311/26 2:45PM
question about deleting a gameWarzore811/26 2:39PM
Xbox buy question.UnkownMGO646211/26 2:33PM
Death Battle Marius (Ryse) Vs. Nick Ramos (DR3)AttackOnTitan411/26 2:24PM
I think GTA:V in first person made me love a game I never cared too much for.
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Rome2183211/26 2:22PM
Need help please(Xbox one year)kMahogany411/26 2:21PM
Xbox One FAQs V1
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DarkMarmar1511/26 2:10PM
How is pure pool on the marketplacePackersXLV611/26 1:58PM
The Crew beta tip: Deadzone 0 and Sensitivity at 75% makes a HUGE difference.QuBix211/26 1:46PM
Quick question about Tales from the Borderlands.PumpkinKing93211/26 1:45PM
Interested in buying an XBOX-ONE, got a few questions...DROSS211/26 1:32PM
Give me your gut feeling about comparing original Xbox intro cost vs X1 w/o Kin (Poll)ave1911/26 1:16PM
I Could Not Have Said It Better!
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IMProdiGY2111/26 1:15PM
Wow?!! When is Xbox going to stop with the knockout punches?
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LEGEND_72529611/26 1:07PM
Apparently, PS4 sales were very close to XBOX 1 in the US during GTAV week.. (Poll)Full Throttle911/26 1:03PM