Titianfall and the idea of bots is great for online to the casual gamer..

#1kennyynnooPosted 3/6/2014 12:14:19 PM
I was thinking, imagine if you could have 20 vs 20 conquest modes on BF4 but they threw in 40 bots. They are dumbed down easier to kill, makes you feel like a super hero right? It's like combining SP with MP. Yes we could have 32 vs 32 but if you buy a game 6 month after release you get murdered online, bots will make the experience fun. I love the idea and hope they use them more. Imagine a 50vs50 battlefield, soldiers on foot only. I am not huge on Titianfall mainly because I don't dig the mech, jet back sci if world but I love idea of bots in future games. Maybe they could use it like forza 5 and the cloud, have an Offline version of everyone being the bots, meaning when you play you might come across a bot version of me doing what I tend to do in the game so they can have more enemies and teammates with different tendencies.