If Microsoft sold XBOX, who would you want to buy them?

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Getting steam-like deals on games for Xbox One would be awesome. That would be well received by the console gaming community. And integrating Steam with XBL would make the Xbox One the superior system. Not specs wise, but functionality wise, and then combine that with steam deals on games, and you'd have an all-round solid gaming system.
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LG would be the best choice. One of the last American electronics companies and the love to compete against Sony.
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Evel138 posted...
SoulTrapper posted...
Evel138 posted...

Hardware maybe.

The last ten years of say, XBL says you're dead wrong though.......nice to see SONY finally was able to ease into a piece of the subscription pie, maybe they'll actually put some $$$$ into R&D towards their network now.

No, the entire xbox division hasn't made Microsoft a single cent yet:


And it's still not actually profitable, according to experts.


Umm, dude....that article is based on the opinion of a single developer (mobile.....can't find any bias in that article..../sarcasm). Not only is it referring to the hardware (just as I said), but it also suggests SONY has lost nearly twice that much.

So, try again pls.

I think you missed the second article there and the fact that the first article is based on Microsofts own financial numbers.

What it says about Sony is none of my concern, why are you so obsessed with Sony? Some sick fetish or something?

But here's some more articles proving you dead wrong (funny how you haven't posted a single thing to back up your own claim):






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DrFate102 posted...
LG would be the best choice. One of the last American electronics companies and the love to compete against Sony.

LG is based in South Korea...

I'm not really sure who would/should buy Xbox. I'd prefer it be a software or game company. Perhaps Google, maybe Asus or HP? Micron? I really doubt that MS would sell off Xbox since they already released a new console with so much development being put into it. Possibly at the end of it's generation.
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Valve or Google would be good choices
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