TitanFall on Xbox One over takes gtaV as best selling game of 2014 on Amazon.com

#1CHUBBYGURLPosted 3/7/2014 7:17:57 PM

Someone needs to tell them its multiplat and shouldnt sell so much.
#2That_Damn_KidPosted 3/7/2014 7:22:49 PM
GTA V sold A LOT more copies last year than this year sold far...
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#3dizzyfidgetPosted 3/9/2014 11:11:21 AM
So that's at least 2-3 million preorders then.
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#4MasterSword546Posted 3/9/2014 11:12:38 AM
dizzyfidget posted...
So that's at least 2-3 million preorders then.

Lol, no.
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#5BeefEasterPosted 3/9/2014 11:13:36 AM
with this level of spin TC should work for MS
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#6ACLUBSODAPosted 3/9/2014 11:13:51 AM
Well done MS & Respawn on the GOTY
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#7mokmuudPosted 3/9/2014 11:19:27 AM
This is relevant how?
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#8Mindwipe77Posted 3/9/2014 11:21:57 AM(edited)
GTA V been out 6 months and sold the bulk of its copies in 2013, you think comparing a new unreleased game to a 6 month old game is fair? The game wont touch GTA V in overall sales, keep dreaming
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#9NEWMANTINGPRODPosted 3/9/2014 11:23:15 AM
lol at the haters

gta v did come out 6 months ago

that still doesn't change it being amazons best selling game of the year so far, until titanfall
#10InninXIPosted 3/9/2014 11:23:33 AM
Titanfall is also selling more than Pokemon Red version this year!
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