Bought headset adaptor, how to use headset's mic for chat?

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2 years ago#1
Good morning everyone.

Last night, I purchased the headset adaptor so that I could use my fancy shmancy Tritton AX 720 Headset with the Xbox One, so that I could play and be able to chat properly without having to use the Kinect or having my friend's voice drowning out the gameplay.

Now, I am able to finally regulate voice/game volume, so I can play with my friend without being virtually deaf in game, but I cannot use the microphone on the headset itself to chat. I know the microphone works, because I use it on the Xbox 360 all of the time.

Here's how I have it set up:

1) TV, with an Optical Audio cable outputting to the Tritton AX 720 Sound Processor (irrelevant really, seeing ast he headset adaptor pulls audio from the X1 controller)
2) The headset itself, with the 360 Chat cable plugged into the converter that came with the X1 Headset adaptor. It's not muted.
3) The X1 Controller with the headset adaptor.

I can get audio from the controller just fine, and can hear my friends, but the microphone won't pick up my voice. I have made sure that nothing is muted on any of the involved equipment. I still have to use the Kinect to talk (which I hate doing, everytime I mention the word Xbox, it starts spazzing out and doing stuff that I don't want it to do).

I can elaborate further if need be, just looking for an error I have made. If anyone else uses this particular headset, perhaps you can detail me on how you have it set up?
2 years ago#2
Did you update your controller?
2 years ago#3
But of course.

I should have mentioned that. I did update my controller.
2 years ago#4
You probably have to do something similar to what you have to do with Astros
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2 years ago#5
didn't they say Tritans wouldn't work with the headset adapter?
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2 years ago#6
jjordan0002 posted...
didn't they say Tritans wouldn't work with the headset adapter?

I didn't see anything about it in my instruction manual for the headset adaptor, but I might need to look again.

I'll check out the Astro's link though.
2 years ago#7
Let me know what you find out. I have the same headset.
2 years ago#8
The only trittons that don't work with the adapter are the warhead and I think primer. TC, I have my ax720s set up the exact way you mentioned and everything works fine. I see you updated your controller, but was the chat cable from the trittons plugged in during that? Just making sure everything is known.
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2 years ago#9
Okay, good, so there's hope!

Yes, it was plugged in during the update. I don't think the update would trigger if I didn't have it plugged in, and I was careful not to remove it during the update.

Just to be sure, is there a way I can reapply the update? I assume that I wouldn't even be getting audio if the update didn't take, but just to cover my bases.
2 years ago#10
Tc. I have turtle Beach's and I've done every step and update that I need to. Sound is working but mic is not. If you hear anything, please check back.
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