Ja Rule game comin to Xbox One y'all!

#1Rainy_David1Posted 3/8/2014 7:29:58 AM
Livin it up come on now!
#2HMXTaylor_LeePosted 3/8/2014 7:34:27 AM
I remember this guy was a selling point on the original The Fast and The Furious soundtrack.

How time flies.
#3Evel138Posted 3/8/2014 7:41:02 AM
Coincidence: I just heard a "Ja Rule" song.

While I care little for that style of "music", I was forced to listen off my wife's iPod.
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#4Stabs2503Posted 3/8/2014 7:46:27 AM
I wish they would come out with a good def jam game like the second one
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#5RawringAirPosted 3/8/2014 7:46:57 AM
do you get murdered by eminem in this game
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#6Reece504Posted 3/8/2014 8:17:42 AM
RawringAir posted...
do you get murdered by eminem in this game

Or jumped by g-unit
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#7RS_YELARAKAPosted 3/8/2014 8:23:32 AM
venni vetti vicci
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#8stargazer1981Posted 3/8/2014 9:15:45 AM
That guy is still alive? Guess I lost a bet...
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#9SexySamSosa67Posted 3/8/2014 9:18:52 AM
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#10mitchmurphy187Posted 3/8/2014 9:19:15 AM
Where would I be without my baby??