Is this true, Xbox One will be more powerful than PS4 with DirectX 12?

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You mean like the giant leap between DX 9 and DX 10 and 11? Lol.
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ImThe8thWonder posted...

XB1 might not reach the PS4's full capabilities, but with better efficiency, it could certainly at least get 1080p/60fps with games in the future.

Only trouble is, the PS4 won't be sitting on its hands while this happens. It will get optimisations and such as well. Enter... Naughty Gods!
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schmarkenheimer posted...
If they have a stacked die why wouldn't:

AMD have released that for their own APUs? If they can stack an extra GPU in there then that'd be huge for them and they would use it. Assuming a full stack (i.e. 1:1 on top and below) that'd be around 245mm^2 for their retail APUs:

"In fact, AMD says Kaveriís GPU accounts for 47% of the die. ",review-32867-3.html

So 512 shaders in about half, so double that would be about another 1024 under the die. That'd be a ridiculous performance improvement. Why would they not use it if they could do it!?!

People report it? Considering all the leaks that happen it would've come out.

MS report it? Just playing the long con. The ol' "let them think we have the less powerful console, lose sales from that (multiplat players) then reveal it later" line. A classic, first thing you learn in marketing.

Foxx3k posted...
From my non-technical background:

Almost assuredly not because of what that picture supposedly shows.
Probably not because of Direct X 12.

Given that DirectX 12 is talking about "closer to the silicon" like Mantle was, and Mantle isn't producing huge results, ...

Mantle mainly helps CPU intense applications. If you're GPU bound it won't help much (if at all). Considering console environment, I doubt it'd help either considerably unless their tools are terrible, which I doubt.

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UtterMoon posted...
No...DirectX12 might make some things better...maybe..but it isn't going to make that big of a difference, may prove difficult to work with, and I wouldn't be surprised if there are A LOT of problems to be ironed out before it even sees the light of day on a console.

Hasn't it been in development for like 5 years? When did DX11 come out?

Late 2009/early 2010 iirc.

The original rumor is that there is some extra memory stacked under there. Not a dedicated gnu. AMD 's roadmap puts this architecture being inline along with the dx12 release. Now I may have a lot of it wrong. I read this in a blog posted on gaf. But thats the general idea.
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Looking forward to a few months to a year from now when it is brought up DirectX12 didn't improve the Xbox One's woes, and y'all be like "see, we told you" and "lol at you guys thinking it would match the PS4".
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InjusticeReborn posted...
Looking forward to a few months to a year from now when it is brought up DirectX12 didn't improve the Xbox One's woes, and y'all be like "see, we told you" and "lol at you guys thinking it would match the PS4".

It definitely will improve the One's visuals somewhat, but why are people surprised by this? Consoles get optimised. This is why we have the gulf between Dead Rising and Gears of War 3, between Resistance: Fall of Man and The Last of Us, and why there have been gulfs between launch games and end of gen games, and slowly progressed through all the games in between.

The problem is, people think this news means the gap will be shrunk to nothing, between the PS4 and Xbox One. It's a considerable physical gap and nothing is closing it up, and that's really all there is to it.
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Hahahaha, this is the funniest topic I've seen all day.
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Things are about to get more shiny!
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It may be possible that this was planned from the beginning when original hardware design.
There are newer designs in XB1. Much of design may be what we will see in future PC and other devices.
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Software won't fix the hardware gap.
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Buy a PC.