Seriously both consoles are outdated: watchdogs 4K on PC! Why this gen is behind

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Why does PC guys always jump into a discussion that doesn't even concern them? Mind boggling.
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yanksfan4247 posted...
richboy900 posted...
I remember being blown away with the original Xbox

Lmao, must have been a console gamer. Nothing on original Xbox was worthy of being blown away if you were playing on PC at the time.

Back then I probably didn't play or experience much pc gaming. Only joint operations typhoon rising and moh allied assault.

For a console the Xbox was impressive hardware wise, and used pc like architecture. It actually felt like gen 6.5, and had twice the power of the ps2. It certainly would be closer to a high end pc (back then) than the 8th gen systems are to a high end pc now.

Are you actually a high end pc gamer, or just a butthurt Sony fan having to settle with inferior multiplats for 2 generations straight?
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Do we need to go through how 4k is stupid again?
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It amazes me how biased and badly written most Cinemablend articles are.

For anyone not playing at glorious 4K... enjoy the bad marriage and dog food come May 27th.

So... pretty much 99% of the people that buy the game then?
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I don't care about 4k and all of that stuff. For years PC gamers kept spouting 1080p. Finally playing games like TR and NBA 2k14, I can say it does look better. The difference is not at all as large as 480i to 720p of last gen.

Heck, even a 720p Battlefield 4 is beautiful on xb1. I think this is good enough for me. There isn't a graphics upgrade large enough to want me to sit behind some hybrid of a home office and gaming area, where I sit behind a keyboard and mouse to game. I do not think 4k resolution can make any game look night and day different.

Ryse at 900p is the best looking game to me.
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jon davis posted...
I thought 4k needed four Titan cards to work?

I can run 4k on my single video card
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I want to know why people seem to think they are something special because they like to play games on a pc. I play games on consoles and pc and will get bored with them if they don't have anything to keep me interested.
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sonicteam2k1 posted...
jon davis posted...
I thought 4k needed four Titan cards to work?

I can run 4k on my single video card

Yeah but AAA games or a single pixel moving around?
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Wtf kind of news article starts out with I don't know how legit this is,?
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