Seriously both consoles are outdated: watchdogs 4K on PC! Why this gen is behind

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TantrumBull posted...
I want to know why people seem to think they are something special because they like to play games on a pc. I play games on consoles and pc and will get bored with them if they don't have anything to keep me interested.

Pretty much all I've been playing on my PC lately is worms clan wars and minecraft.
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jon davis posted...
I thought 4k needed four Titan cards to work?

You could probably get by with 2 titans, if you're talking about 4k & 30fps. Most 4K TVs I've seen are 30hz.
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Batistute posted...
rgw posted...
Do you think 4K is as big as the jump from 480 to 720 then 1080

No but if you read the article you will understand the limitations of both consoles! I played killzone on PS4, man I couldn't get a next gen feel, it is a slightly improved resolution and facial animation.

This wasn't the case when I first played Xbox360 or the original Xbox.

First game I played on last gen was fight night round 3. Man, it was night and day between Xbox version and 360.
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The time it takes for 4k to become standard, the majority of pcs to be able to run it and the vast majority of people can even view 4k, this gen will be over and ps5 will be out.
If then.
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Batistute posted...
mokmuud posted...
Except 4k isn't the standard in entertainment right now.

As rgw rightfully said the previous consoles were prepared for full HD, now at least we would expect the next gen to have the capacity of reaching 4K in the future.

TV shows and movies are still broadcast in 720p, can we wait til we get 1080p programming before making the leap to 4k?

I don't think we will see very many 4k tv's sold for at least another 6 or 7 years. Nothing really supports it now and they wont make much stuff in 4k until a lot of tv's are sold. It will be another 10 years or so before there is a lot of 4k programming.
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rgw posted...
neither was 720p when the 360 came out. Both the PS4 and XB1 are less forward thinking than the previous generation. The 360 and PS3 were future proofed for HDTVs becoming a standard but neither of these systems are capable of pushing 4K games by all indications.

When the 360 launched, it didn't have an HDMI port, so they had no plans for HDTV at first.
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4K resolution is a waste and shouldn't exist. Anything above 1080p is useless.
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mokmuud posted...
Except 4k isn't the standard in entertainment right now.


Just like 3d tvs, 4k is a joke
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From the article

if all three versions were relationships, the PS4 would be the happily married version, the Xbox One would be the miserable marriage with juddering and always on the verge of filing for divorce, and the Glorious PC Master Race version would be that flashy, awesome, beautiful, single young adult who gets whoever they want and gets to have fun and look good while doing it.
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