MS/ Respawn to announce future of Titanfall franchise on Monday - Aka MS buyout

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JohnWall32 posted...
Vince Zampella @VinceZampella

For those asking about the 'future of titanfall' announcement, I'm confused as to what that is. We did not sell tf to MS.

respawn has no clue what ms is talking like another desperate tactic

If you read the link, MS said they didn't know what Respawn was showing monday. All this looks like is a sensational headline with neither party actually eluding to what the topic title or headline says. Not a tactic by MS but media to get website hits.
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The future of titanfall. Can the game come out first?
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It's probably some new TF-themed Mountain Dew flavour.
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Talked with @geoffkeighley and it looks like the 'future' thing is just something fun. Not how I would have described it, but still fun.


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The titanfall IP belongs to Respawn. This point has been made a few times.
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