Xbox one outsells ps4 in NA

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2 years ago#51
oldhbk76 posted...
just wait till March 11th, then sales should blow up

lol you are funny , titanfall is far from a system seller , the 11th will come and go and titanfall will sell but its not going to be some huge sales of consoles , the sales will be people like me who have a x1 already . Most people I know are willing to wait to get there hands on a ps4 which sucks since I have both but I am not delusional I know the ps4 is the true go to gaming console even bestbuy had a stack of 20 x1 by there door on Sunday and no ps4.s
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2 years ago#52
Rainy_David1 posted...
So if I remember correctly, the only time the Xbox One beat the PS4 in the U.S. is around the European launch of the PS4. Now the second time is around the Japanese launch of the PS4? Gee, I can't think of a single reason why that would be!
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2 years ago#53
From what I've seen the PS4 is sold out in the UK and the UAE, where as I can still buy a day one edition xbox one in the UAE, also the Xbox one has had a price decrease already in the UAE from 2800 AED to 2000AED, which is a massive decrease for such a new console.

Titanfall is a great game and will sell well but I don' think it will push the console near to PS4 levels, the PS4 seems to be the wii of this generation.
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2 years ago#54
This is just sad lol, look at that global sale, TC is so pathetic.
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2 years ago#55
MS is moneyhatting people with free games along with their biggest FPS title out soon and it barely edges out PS4... in the land of FPS.
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2 years ago#56
So... yay you?
2 years ago#57
sexbox one for the win
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2 years ago#58
LOL, the Pokerkid is hilarious!
Looks like Pokerkids can only read 1 line.

2 years ago#59
MS fanboys right now: "Yes! We finally have SOMETHING!"
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2 years ago#60
kingrat2314 posted...
MS fanboys right now: "Yes! We finally have SOMETHING!"

Sony fanboys right now "Yes! We still have NOTHING to play!"
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