"Xbox will get a price cut and sony is in a position to stay ahead"

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ZEROthefirst posted...
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As long as MS has kinect they will always have the option of

1) dropping it outright
2) reducing cost on it, meaning price reductions Sony can't match

1. Will probably never happen since MS locked some of the power of the console specifically for that.
2. Even if it gets a price cut like it is right now, if Sony needed to sell more units they can cut the price as well. It happened with the PS3, 360, Wii, and every other console so how is this different all of a sudden?

1) I agree. It's unlikely MS will ever drop Kinect, but unlike the PS3, this isn't something integral to the hardware like a disc drive or graphics chip. If Xbox One was $499, no kinect with 3 controllers, no-one would question the ease as to how they could reduce to $399...drop the other 2 controllers. Kinects the same, it's an external device....they wouldn't even need to revise the hardware.

2) 2 differences. MS has acknowledged they profit on Xbox One. Sony has acknowledged they make a loss on PS4.

Clearly MS could go cheaper, even if it's a relatively meager difference ($475), they could go cheaper still if they took the same loss as Sony ($450).

Secondly, even if Sony and MS cost reduce their hardware at the same rate, MS will be cost reducing Kinect in addition to the console. Meaning MS could (if they chose not to pocket the profit) have larger price drops. MS probably realized they'd sell 12-13 million consoles at $399 at a loss for 12 months this year, but selling 10M+ at $499 and no loss was worth making up that extra 3 million over the next 11 years.

The One won't always be $100 more expensive. It will be whatever the cost + whatever level of profit MS decides they want.

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I think it's obvious the X1 will get a price cut of at least 100 by the end of summer.

Agreed. September. The 360 had a price drop after 21 months and that was on $3B of losses. Xbox One is making cash since launch.
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Maybe I should post EVERY thing that's even remotely negative about ps4 I can find.

Don't do that, you'll just get modded.
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I think it's obvious the X1 will get a price cut of at least 100 by the end of summer.
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When has Patcher ever been a reliable source of info.

Everyone here seemed to kiss his butt when Patcher's earlier prediction favored the X1.
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I, and most people, do not care.
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People need to stop quoting Pachter. He is an idiot and almost every prediction he makes is proven wrong.
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