How's the call of duty ghosts single payer?

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Shadow_Zujed posted...
Second poster has no clue what he is talking about. And rofl at 2 hours. At least play before making up idiotic lies.

As for me, I absolutely hate single player campaigns in FPS games. I buy CoD for multiplayer and multiplayer only. Never played the other CoD campaigns.

However, one day my internet went out and as I was waiting for it to come back on I decided to play the SP out of boredom. I had a great time with it and couldn't put it down. It was short at around 6-8 hours to so, but I had a lot of fun with it. Plenty of variety between each level and lots of action you don't get to see by playing just the multiplayer.

Its like a summer block bust action movie. The story is meh, but its something that is fun to go see. I recommend playing a few levels and you will be hooked after that. Its short and can be finished in a couple of days, but it was fun.

If you enjoyed this campaign you should really try the others. All the CoDs have great campaign's, especially Blops and WaW.
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^ that's what I've heard. When I talked to my brother, cousin, and a couple of my friends about it they told me they enjoyed it, but the older ones had just as much action in them.

I feel like I missed out all these years by only playing the MP.
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