as a ps4 owner, project spark looks to be a system seller

#21bakasoraPosted 3/10/2014 3:12:16 AM
LBP had me that same feeling. But that feeling fades away fast when I play it.
and FFXIII is garbage.
#22lunaticcorePosted 3/10/2014 3:27:23 AM(edited)
I feel like the limitations and "gameness" of Little Big Planet made it more entertaining product over all. Project Spark clearly has way more room for variety and creativity, but the mechanics also feel loose and not nearly as pleasant. Playing LBP was like learning a single instrument and then figuring out how to get more and more sound out of it while enjoying other people playing the same instrument. While Spark is more like having some giant music making software that needs lots of bug fixes and begs you to keep paying it for more sound effects.
#23Apex-PlayerPosted 3/10/2014 3:35:19 AM(edited)
I thought so too, as a huge LBP fan.

Then I seen this Spark Time crap users need to buy so that they can play levels that include DLC.
You can either buy every DLC, and play any levels with the DLC used that you own,
or buy Spark Time to play these levels for a set amount of time (based off the amount you spend)
Or you can use an epic '30 minutes' of free time a day to play any DLC included levels.

Instant flop now IMO.

Imagine if LBP used that style lol,
"2million levels, you need to pay for time to play on a timer"
"or purchase all 500$+ of DLC to play unlimitedly"
smh, to many micro transaction games on this system.
Forza, Ryse, Project Spark. These are the AAA games and still riddled with unnecessary MT.

Such a waste, this game had potential until they decided to milk it.

"the amount of stuff you can create with default is massive"
Is the argument I see thrown around.
Any serious creators will be using DLC though just like in LBP,
so this is invalid unless you never plan to experience the best creators levels.
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