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User Info: GoatBoyFresh

3 years ago#1
Rate all your games on a 1-10 scale! You can explain your reason I you want

Battlefield 4 - 8.0
Not quite as good as BF3 but still fun

Call of Duty Ghosts - 7.0
Fun game, can't really play it unless I'm with friends though

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare - 9.0
This game is fantastic. Surprisingly fun

Rayman Legends - 8.0
Pretty good platformer, co op is great

Peggle 2 - 8.5
Really a step up from Peggle 1. Interesting masters
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User Info: Hudson_RL

3 years ago#2
Battlefield 4 - 9.0.
Flawed but it's still the best mp shooter I've played on consoles. Love it.

Killer Instinct - 9.0.
Fantastic fighting game. One of the best I've played in years. Great graphics and unmatched online stability.

COD Ghosts - 7.0.
Not my sort of game. Quite enjoyed it for a short while but the campaign is boring for me and MP gets boring quick imo. I'm a BF guy.

Ryse - 7.0.
Limited but fun while it lasted. Great graphics and really fun combat although it was repetitive. Surprisingly fun co-op multiplayer also.

Dead Rising 3 - 7.5.
Fun addition to the series. Good graphics, no loading, fun story and tons of zombies. Good stuff.

Halo spartan assault - 4.0.
Poor production values. No campaign co-op and constant crashing. Pfft.

Peggle 2 - 8.0.
Really fun and addictive arcade game. Fun mp also that's well implemented.

User Info: Lapanui

3 years ago#3
CoD: Ghosts - 7/10
Still fun, but is the same as every other CoD I have played. Usually play split-screen with brother.

Dead Rising 3 - 8/10
Very fun game, can be quite repetitive though, especially when going for the PP trials.

Tomb Raider - 9/10
Story, graphics and gameplay was amazing, online is a bit laggy and lacks players.

Thief - 8/10
Overall, I'm having a blast with it. Again, graphics are great, but with a few pop ins and textures can be a bit blurry for a couple of seconds. I love exploring the city, finding little knick-knacks, completing some of the puzzles.

I would like to get PvZ: GW, Rayman Legends and Peggle 2, but currently occupied with my current games. I also have Titanfall coming in a couple of days.
GT: Zichu PSN: Zichu NNID: Zichu1

User Info: kidwgm

3 years ago#4
Call of Duty Ghosts - 5.5
Just horrible

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare - 9.5
Just awesome

Dead Rising 3 - 9.0

Ryse - 8.5

Need for Speed Rivals - 8.0
I have played a bunch of this but its a solid game.
Currently Playing: Rune Factory 4 and PvZ. Coming Soon: Titanfall.
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User Info: chuckboston2k3

3 years ago#5
BF4 - 7.0 - Looked and played nice...but I gave up on it with all the bugs. Traded in.

Ghosts - 6.0 - My least favorite COD...by far.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes - 8.5 - My favorite Lego game yet. Although, I haven't played it much, mostly for my son.

Peggle 2 - 9.0 - Addictive...just like its predecessor.

Fifa '14 - 8.0 - I TRIED to get into it..but I think at my age, sports games aren't for me..I'll stick to watching them on TV. Traded in.

Ryse - NR - Haven't opened it yet. Might not. Not sure.

PvZ:GW - 8.5 - Super fun MP. Limited maps knocks the score down.

Xbox Fitness (sorry, had to) - 9.5 - What a great app. Most workouts free and varied. Great tracking and challenge system.
Gaming since the early 80's
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User Info: Retrogamer79

3 years ago#6
Peggle 2 8/10

....that's currently my only X1 game (until Friday anyway)
We don't stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing.


3 years ago#7
BF4 8.5/10 (Despite several bugs its been a great game and looks beautiful. When everything is playing good its one of the best games out there, but that's only 80% of the time)
PvZ 9/10 (Just a fun experience so far that looks great and the online is super smooth)
PowerStar Golf 7/10 (Great simplistic golf game but nothing next gen about it, lacks online MP as well)
Killer Instinct 7.5/10 (Old school arcade)
GT - YELARAKA/RokSteadE (Member of RS Squad)
Currently playing - BF4, PvZ:GW, TitanFall, PowerStarGolf
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