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1 year ago#1
bought an Xbox One ahead of Titanfall release tomorrow, been staring at the screen on the install screen for ages for Ryse over an hour i think, normally how long does it take? This sucks.
1 year ago#2
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1 year ago#3
I don't have to do that on my other consoles, why should it be any different on this one?
1 year ago#4
Is the progress par still progressing? Then it's still installing. GO do something else. Watch TV or a movie.
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1 year ago#5
i don't think it is unless it's moving VEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY slowly. It's nearly at the end but i think it's been like this for at least 15 minutes now. What should i do?
1 year ago#6
It's the update that's making it take so long. The progress bar does get wacky at times though. A couple of times I've had it jump like 50 percent in a few minutes where it looked like it was stuck before.
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1 year ago#7
but i'm actually inside the game already and it's the install bar in that shows up when i try to start a new campaign?

God I feel like a gaming noob
1 year ago#8
it's working now, and it only took 90 minutes goddamn...

thanks for not being dicks about it, much appreciated
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