Why do you want Titanfall to fail?

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Reflex-Arc posted...
Do people complain with similar vehemence about games that offer no multiplayer?

If the singleplayer component is lacking, then yes, they do. If you can beat a singleplayer game in 4 hours and there's little to no replay value, it'll get bad review scores and people will complain about it. Haven't you seen the ruckus that Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes caused?
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RS_YELARAKA posted...
If you want a game to fail you are a tool. Doesn't matter what system or genre it is.

Yo this.
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Wheres the option of "because every fkn thread is about titanfall"
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Porunga posted...
I don't. I don't care about titanfall. I nothing it. It could exist, or not exist and I wouldn't care or notice either way.

The way you talk about it daily makes me think you do care.
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Crysiania posted...
Wheres the option of "because every fkn thread is about titanfall"

That's my exact reasoning.

I haven't played the beta, haven't seen any videos, and I only know about based on the millions of threads on this board.

Not the Titanfall board, mind you. The Xbox One board. I wouldn't mind seeing a topic or two about some of the other titles. Or even speculation or wishlists for future updates. But no, it's just Titanfall. That apparantly is the saving grace of the gaming world while also screen tearing and dropping into single digit frames, with preorders being less than a Playstation Camera but more than Infamous 3. Who the hell knows?
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I don't want it to fail. But I do wish the double standards would stop. If this same barebones game was made by a different studio, I'd be getting ripped to shreds. But since it was made by Respawn, it's getting a pass on missing tons of features that are standard for the genre.
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You forgot the option for all the sony fanboys.
I hope it fails because I can't stand the fact that there are any good game that are not on PS4.
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