Phil Spencer confirms Xbox staying with MS

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2 years ago#1

Microsoft not selling off Xbox (duh!).
Always good news to quell the rumors.

*flame shield on*

Life, is a state of mind.
2 years ago#2
They would never admit it before it would actually happen. Not saying it will, I seriously doubt it's going to happen anytime soon.

Things aren't looking up though. They made the guy who wanted to sell it head of the Xbox division. He also ran Nokia into the ground.
2 years ago#3
Galeforce99 posted...
Things aren't looking up though.

I don't know how anyone in touch with X1 news over the past couple of weeks can draw such a conclusion. You obviously have no respect for your screen name to allow it to be associated with such nonsense.
2 years ago#4
Well, yeah. Of course they're gonna deny it. If they flat-out say: "Yeah, we're dropping the whole Xbox thing in the future.", who's going to buy an Xbox One any more? Or pay for Xbox Live?
2 years ago#5
Sony will go bankrupt before MS sell off the Xbox brand.
2 years ago#6
PS4 is the only thing keeping Sony alive,glad I bought one,even though I am an xbot ,but it would be horrible if 1 of the big three went under.
2 years ago#7
I realize it's fun for you young kids to follow the hive-mind and hate on whatever is cool at the moment, but listen, come check back into reality anytime and realize that Xbox is in fact backed by one of the larger companies on the planet and maybe, just maybe, Xbox isn't going anywhere. I know it's a stretch guys, but just use your Imagination! Hahahaha
Life, is a state of mind.
2 years ago#8
He's not the person who makes that decision, he may have high authority and insider information, but he'd also say this no matter what, because his livelihood is literally based on the image that his company keeps towards it's investors.
2 years ago#9
Why would anyone "confirm" it even if it were true.
"There's No absolutes in life. Only in Vodka"
2 years ago#10
Anyone else find it hilarious executives in a multi-billion dollar company are responding to internet trolls?
You are hallucinating. Seek help immediately.
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