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Should MS make Banjo Kazooie 3 with a huge budget (unreal engine 4)?
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jimmydonegood245/2 1:57PM
Xbox One has been out for almost 18 months...Iceman8345/2 1:12PM
Who do u think is going to have the most amazing E3, MS, Sony, or Nintendo? (Poll)
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xtacb425/2 12:14PM
Free Xbox live Gold weekend!
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ReggieBush09125/2 12:01PM
Should all Xbone games be made available for the 360?
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skermac225/2 11:58AM
i like kickstartervelvet_hammer15/2 10:06AM
The kinect really does have to pay more attention sometimespotpot8515/2 9:45AM
im supprised we dont see any marvel video games or fighting gamesshads305595/2 9:27AM
Why Did You Buy Your Xbox One? (Poll)
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SampsonM335/2 9:25AM
No new DLC for months?
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Crxlarth115/2 8:46AM
We need a game like marvel rise of the imperfectsvayne14525/2 8:21AM
Formula Fusion Anti-Gravity Racing LeagueForteana55/2 8:12AM
Trials Fusion have a decent amount of 'easier' types of tracks and levels?Justice9840595/2 7:52AM
Controller Disconnectionnuke209955/2 7:36AM
Wouldn't this be great? Regarding game installation.User20132215/2 6:59AM
Any suggestions for a cheap temporary headset till I can afford a decent $70.00Splatulated65/2 6:51AM
We used Microsoft HoloLens and it is awesome!(PhoneArena article)
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zerooo0125/2 6:16AM
YR: Yooka-Laylee is best experienced on an Xbox One
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DiscostewSM225/2 6:12AM
So the cloud on Xbox actually impresses meMerc123105/2 6:00AM
Special deals for returning 360 gamers!S7evin42485/2 5:58AM