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Which was the biggest exclusivity loss: FF or Bungie? (Poll)
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Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris - December 9th
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This song sums up the console war better than anythingiamdanthaman77/23 12:57PM
BIG NEWS: STAR WARSBATTLEFRONT not tied to Ep7 EA prefers release to be closezerooo057/23 12:51PM
So do the new SKU's without Kinect have the Operating System on them?
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Son races deceased father's ghost in Xbox racer, makes internet cry
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Assassin's Creed Unity: New Engine Trailer
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Half(100) of FORZA HORIZON 2 car list revealed. SO MANY CARS
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Assassins Creed: Unity discussion thread!!!
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Would there be an XB1 if not for Halo sales?
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Phil Spencer dropping some small bombs on Twitter
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"Opinion: Xbox One --The console that used to be different"
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Should Destiny be a wake up call to MS and their over-reliance on Halo?
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Are You Going To Purchase Metro Redux On The Xbox One? (Poll)ComradeRyan17/23 10:32AM