White flickering pixels in game/Netflix?

#1squarex8264Posted 3/10/2014 5:38:14 PM
So very infrequently, maybe once every couple of weeks or so, I notice that I start getting random white flickering pixels in Netflix while I am in the middle of watching. Once the flashing pixels start, they persist into any game I play and sometimes the dashboard. I have also seen the pixels once while I was in the middle of ACIV without having watched Netflix beforehand.

If I fully shutdown my console, the pixels go away immediately and I can go right back into Netflix or my games without issue. Has anyone else run into a similar issue? I'm trying to figure out if this is just a software bug, or if I may have an issue with my hardware that needs to be replaced.
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#2Enigma149Posted 3/10/2014 5:43:16 PM
It might just be that your HDMI cable isn't plugged in entirely, or that your TV has some issue with it.

On the other hand, there's also the possibility that there's a problem with your Xbox. Best to record it next time so people can try to replicate it.

Does it look like this?

If so Microsoft should replace your system.
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#3Sith JediPosted 3/10/2014 5:45:01 PM
Have you tried different inputs and a different hdmi cable? I had a similar thing happen with my PS3...But it was oddly specific and only happened with a specific cable in a specific input.
#4Mr BumpPosted 3/10/2014 5:52:30 PM
Could be HDMI, could be the graphics chip spazzing out. Try a different HDMI.
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#5squarex8264(Topic Creator)Posted 3/10/2014 6:20:42 PM
Thanks for the help, guys.

I will try to change the HDMI cable if I come across it again. The white pixilation is not nearly as terrible as shown in that youtube video. The pixels I see are much smaller and are not nearly as uniform. Hopefully it's just an issue with the cable or port being used. If not, I'll try calling support if it gets worse.
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#6Hudson_RLPosted 3/10/2014 6:23:28 PM
My friend had this issue on his brand new tv. Turns out the Hdmi cable needed replacing or pushing in further. Can't remember which but it wasn't a big issue and was easily fixed.