Titanfall user score on metacritic is 4.9

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What's going on? The media's reviews have been pretty good. People just not liking the game?
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As expected, there are obviously a lot of dbags tanking the game just because they want to see it bomb.

When it comes to user reviews, there are lots of people doing that, unfortunately.
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I like jellybeans. What's ur favorite flavor
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Like this fine, upstanding citizen's review -

"Oh yeah, Titanfall the game that is exclusive to Xbox consoles, of course it sucks.
I haven't played but must suck, right? Why is not available for PS4? Because Microsoft bought it and those people canít play clean,"

Gave it a 6 - admits he hasn't even played it, admits he's a Sony fanboy. SO, that's why it's a 4.9 in user reviews.
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It's too high because xbots are giving it 10s
Should be closer to 1.0
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Oh, and lots of fanboys giving it scores of ZERO. Lol....
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It's nothing but jealous Sony Ponies giving it a bad score because they don't have anything better to be doing with their lives. That is what happens when you have a console but no games to play on it.
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"Why doesn't everyone think it's perfect like we think it is, I mean it isn't but still!"
That's the mentality of every whiner here that actually whines about people trashing it...

You're no better than those who trash it for the sake of it being a MS product. Get a grip.
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ps fanboys being salty