Titanfall user score on metacritic is 4.9

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2 years ago#51
xHuckleberry posted...
jparis09 posted...
I like jellybeans. What's ur favorite flavor

butter'd popcorn

I've got reese's pieces flavored one if you wanna share during the show.
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2 years ago#52
Just another example that the Ponies aren't really gamers anymore.
I will try and see it from your point of view, but I doubt we'll be able to fit both our heads up there.
2 years ago#53
Skynet82997 posted...
As expected, there are obviously a lot of dbags tanking the game just because they want to see it bomb.

When it comes to user reviews, there are lots of people doing that, unfortunately.

pretty much this. I expect the same thing for Second Son
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2 years ago#54
People that are mad the game is not available for their platform of choice give it a bad score, simple as that.
Personally I don't care about the game as I don't like competitive shooters, but I still think it looks rather good, or at least fun.
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2 years ago#55
_PDZero_ posted...
Top_Bloke posted...
I've played the game an hour 10/10

I can't played the game 0/10

That's how it goes.

This. And it goes for any console exclusive or even some multiplatform games. People love to hate on stuff.
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2 years ago#56
This is why the user score is entirely ignored.
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2 years ago#57
Instead of reading scores and reviews, go try the game yourselves.

Sure, reviews often helps customers see the "highs and lows" of games, but why let someone else tell you what to believe about a game YOU should judge for yourself? Since when is a review score more important than YOUR own score and experience from playing a game?
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2 years ago#58
As usual people who like the game are busy playing it and people who hate or haven't even played it are doing stuff like giving it a bad review.

I would say most of the reviews on metacritic are by people who haven't played the game. AKA PS4 fanboys.

Its a shame I have to post this but no, i'm not an xbox fanboy, I have both a PS4 and X1 and love them both.

Titanfall is a good game and noway deserves a 4.9 on any scale.
2 years ago#59

please just shut up.
2 years ago#60
ExarOs posted...
It's nothing but jealous Sony Ponies giving it a bad score because they don't have anything better to be doing with their lives. That is what happens when you have a console but no games to play on it.

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