Been a good month for me as a gamer

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2 years ago#1
Lot of Xbox One time in with games I picked up new, which is Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and Thief, been addicted as hell to PvZ and Thief is really nice.

Last week I picked up the chat adapter and it's sweet! not sure how much extra battery power is required to out put audio through the controller, but so far the charge is still a long time and the sound is clear.

Good news on Friday, best friends wife was gonna surprsie him with the Xbox One Titanfall bundle, she spilt the beans on Saturday though... lol... just got off the phone with him cause he wanted to make sure to get the best settings in, he has his console downloading Titanfall right now, I logged into his account and am downloading the game my self... if that works I won't buy a copy my self... if not I will just go get my preorder x3.

Anyway that is it, hope to enjoy Titanfall once it's downloaded, but yeah wanted to "BLOG" I guess and have a positive topic in among the muck of the trolls.

I hope you guys are enjoying gaming, on what ever platform you are on! thanks for reading.
XBL: DamnEvilDog
2 years ago#2
me to and after this month its about 1 game a month till july then a game in spetember and october

2 years ago#3
I want Batman and Destiny SO BAD *_*
XBL: DamnEvilDog
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