If you're getting Titanfall today, go to Bestbuy

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2 years ago#21
FourManSeven posted...
...credit cards...
interest rates.
Not worth while.

I must have looked a fool playing with a backwards DS, teary eyed solving a Sudoku puzzle -Lordx718
2 years ago#22
Imagine recommending the Gamefaqs userbase open up credit cards in order to purchase their games.
2 years ago#23
SwiftXZ posted...
Pigfarts posted...
#3 you should call your credit card companys to have them raise the limit and you should persoannly lower the amount of CC you have. You want a large line of credit but not from having 30 CC with a 1000 dollar limit.

I've never called my credit card company to increase my line of credit and its increased 4 times, that being said, I only paid $60 last year in interest and received many times over that in cash back. Credit cards can earn you money, only if you use them wisely.

Obvious Rule of thumb: Not necessary? Can't afford it? Don't buy it.

Exactly. I almost never use my debit card or cash at all for purchases. No point when you get cash back and other rewards for using credit cards. Provided you buy things that you would've otherwise bought with your debit card anyway. Amex especially, has tons of rewards that can be redeemed with their points.
A wise man told me "don't argue with fools"
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