Xbox live is up.

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2 years ago#1
I started from a cold start (Xbox completely off) after not being able to get it to work for 4 hours. Was asked for my password upon logging in and now I'm on.

Go try it.
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Erica Jong
2 years ago#2
2 years ago#3
Worked for me
2 years ago#4
Not for me. Still getting the error code of death at my apartment building downtown here.

Nothing works, heat went out yesterday, now this. So pissed about this.
------invisible like sknmak
2 years ago#5
it up but it sucks for people who going to work tomm or sleeping right now who didnt get to play
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2 years ago#6
My brother and I thank you manny times over pal
2 years ago#7
Don't mess with my emotions. When I get home, if it's not up, proverbial heads will roll. ROLL I SAY.
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2 years ago#8
it's working . I did a restart , (hold power button down for 10 seconds on console ) when it restarted it logged in no problem .
2 years ago#9
Tried it, still doesn't work (even after resetting XB1 and connection).
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2 years ago#10
ya it worked, lol funny part is, my buddy told me to do this 4 hours ago, he said it fixed his 360, i didn't think it would work lol................................spread the word
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