First time streaming

#1rildomeinPosted 3/11/2014 8:58:23 PM
I was streaming TF, it definitely enhances the experience. Had an average of 20 viewers for about 2 hours. I play a lot of games on PC, but I never would have done Twitch if it weren't on consoles. Seems like too much of a hassle, consoles definitely made it easier and encouraging to do. Anyone else first time streamers using X1?
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#2StycklesPosted 3/14/2014 8:58:48 PM
I'm trying it out for the first time as well. So far I haven't actually gotten it to work, but once I do I'll be trying it out with Plants VS Zombies, Battlefield (which I am TERRIBLE at), and Ryse. I also plan to do some with Ground Zeroes once I get that....probably any game I play honestly.