Achievements in demos? Do they show up in your profile list?

#1AnghellicKarmaPosted 3/11/2014 8:15:44 PM
I just hooked up my XB1 and I'd like to download a bunch of demos to try out and see what I want to go out and buy. But I wonder if doing this will make the games show up in my played list (what others see when they check out my profile/achievements).

I know this is a different system altogether but, to compare and demonstrate what I mean, I once downloaded a demo of Bioshock Infinite on PS3 when it came out, and I got a trophy while playing through the timed demo and now, naturally, it's in my list. Granted, I believe I've read that the difference is the "60-minute timed demo" selection are really full versions of the game that time out after 60 minutes, so I got a trophy from it since it was the full game.

But, as pertains to the XB1 and its demo selection, I just want to confirm that I 1) won't obtain achievements from playing them and 2) the games won't appear in my profile's overall "Games Played" list if I queue up a bunch of demos to download from the store.

Sorry if a dumb question. Just getting clarification! Thanks :)
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#2DeadLock25Posted 3/11/2014 8:24:41 PM
No demos dont show up in your profile. Most of the demos dont have achievements, and those that do have those achievements locked until you buy the full game. This was the way it was on the 360, and I assume its the same way on X1. I played the Lego game demo, and it didnt have any achievements, and it didnt show up on my profile.
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