A COD ghost question coming from someone like me..

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I have a real question. First off, cod 2 and 4 were my favorites shortly followed up by mw2's multiplayer. Black ops 1, mw3 and black ops 2 were not only the worst call of dutys but perhaps some of the worst video games ever made. I never bought ghost just out of lack of interest but i was curious, is it as boring as people say? Usually the people who say it's boring are people who liked black ops 2 so they don't have a say because they're already terrible people.
But how is it really? It does look pretty boring but maybe some of you like it? the character customization is really cool and so is the caustic camo. But yeah, good? fun? bad? help a N word out. (i realize titanfall is infinetely better)
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lol oh okay. Curious, how long did it take before you got bored after getting it?
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I like Bo2.. so I am gonna lie and say Ghosts is the greatest game ever made and you should play buy it. For full price if you can.
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Ive always liked cod up to black ops2 and i hated it but i really love ghost.I guess its a matter of opinion but Ive played all the FPS on ps4 and xboxone and I still like ghost the best as far as online and the campaign