Baseball fans, just take a pitch, RBI looks and sounds terrible...

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2 years ago#1
Enough said...
"While R.B.I. 14 features real baseball players 16 on each of the 30 MLB clubs, a total of 480 each of them appears in one of three body types. It's the kind of visual shorthand that sports games have used for decades: Big guys are sluggers, slim players are contact hitters and athletes of average build are balanced."
2 years ago#2
guess ill stick with the show
2 years ago#3
I'll check it out... I prefer the faster, more arcade style gameplay for Baseball games...
We need a new MLB PowerPros honestly...
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2 years ago#4
The Show it is then
2 years ago#5
MLB the Show for sure,main reason I got a PS4,going to need to wipe down the dust off of it first lol.
2 years ago#6
Yeah, I will buy a ps4 eventually, I can't justify buying for just the show but next year I probably will buy it for the show and hopefully Gran Turismo 7 or driveclub.

Rbi baseball....well it better be $30 or less for what they're offering and showing. I have a feeling its worse the ps2 baseball games though.
2 years ago#7
Wow...sounds as if it will be crap, and who in the hell thought R.B.I. 14 was a good name? I know that sports games are not known for their creativity...but could they not think of something better?

And yeah..with The Show coming out on May isn't even a choice.
2 years ago#8
Developers first console game? Small team?

So they don't even have experience

and its going to release on everything... smartphones too

sounds like its going to have terrible quality with terrible port jobs from lack of manpower?
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2 years ago#9
R.B.I. was like one of my first sports games.. because of that, Ill get this.
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2 years ago#10
Nice, I was hoping they'd stick to an old school arcade style and not the boring baseball games that have been coming out the past 10 years. Sounds like it will be fun, which is what I prefer. Fun not boring. Baseball on TV puts me to sleep and most of the baseball video games do that to.
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  3. Baseball fans, just take a pitch, RBI looks and sounds terrible...

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