NPD Sales Result for February 2014 [Up1: PS4/XB1/Wii U Hardware, BD/Poke/DK]

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Xbone is for hardcore old school gamers lol? Oh Teehee you never fail to impress.

Yes..? Are you serious?

Xbox Live has WAY more competitive gamers and activity in general than PSN does. All the major competitions I can think of also use Xboxes and Xbox controllers.

Are you dense or something? How does competitive gaming equates to old school or hardcore? There are MLG Mario players? I consider people who speed run old classics like megamen, castlevania or zelda pretty hardcore and old school, how does it relate to Xblive in anyway? So I ask again are you dense or something?
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Don't people get bored of having the same conversations over and over again?

I repeat myself after seeing this topic go on.

What's going on lately? You and MrImpatient and regansantomas are the only three regulars capable of speaking critically here, but Don't let them get to you, and let the quality of your posts suffer for it. They're/we're just trolls.
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I do like how this stopped all of the under 100k talk and but it's doing just like the Wii U. Even when it didn't do that last month.
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Lets take this moment to join together and bid the wii u farewell

Not yet because Mario Kart and Bayonetta part 2 are going to be the mostest fun.
We believe Jack Tretton quit working at Sony to play more Titanfall on Xbox #1.
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I think PS4 could of sold more had it been in stock ever. I live near Toronto and every store has no systems in stock and when they do they sell out that day.
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How is it that the ps4 continually outsells the X1 when there is still a shortage of consoles? I guess if Sony could fully meet the demand the gap would be even greater.
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Hypereia posted...

No, Immortals are impervious.
We believe Jack Tretton quit working at Sony to play more Titanfall on Xbox #1.
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So was it Kaz' master plan to be $100 less expensive and bring the company to its knees for 5k more sales a week?

looks like free Titanfall makes March easy to predict.
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To be honest, these numbers don't really make sense, based on historical trends. They are significantly higher than they should be...

Still, I will assume the numbers are correct. Based on other regions, including Japan, we can guess that the PS4 outsold the Xbove at least 2.5:1 for February, yes? March numbers should be even more interesting.
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