X1 worth it if you already have a smart TV?

#21plus1zeroPosted 3/15/2014 9:16:20 PM(edited)
I have a smart tv and an xbox one.

I may have used the smart tv features 3 times. Anything it does, any other device I own does it with less lag.

EDIT OP I also have a ps4. I think the X1 has better games at this point in time.
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Smart TVs don't do what the X1 does. Get what you want.

They kinda do actually. If you have a smart TV then the multimedia functions of both the PS4 and Xbone are largely redundant (depending on the specific features of your TV of course). So yeah, at that point it becomes all about what games you want, and that subject? Highly subjective, despite what idiot fanboys claim.

I have a smart tv. The Kinect enhances the experience. I agree the PS4 doesn't add anything to the mix and the other multimedia functions on XBOX would be redundant if it wasn't for voice commands.

The voice commands really are incredible.

Except there are smart TVs that both have voice commands comparable to the Kinects and also motion controls. Not all smart TVs are created equal TreGooda. When I say that they render both systems multimedia functions redundant I mean it.

Yeah, but just because you mean it doesn't make it true, like in this case.
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