Help with Kinect please.Is my Kinect supposed to be shutting down all the time?

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2 years ago#1
Bought the Titanfall bundle tuesday and had no problem with the Kinect.Had the system on all day yesterday and today.Now every time i look up the light on the Kinect is off and when i go to settings and Kinect i get the message that there is a problem with Kinect and to hold the power button on the console for a few seconds to turn it completely off,then back on.I did that earlier and it came on with no problem but a few mins ago i looked up and saw the light off again and went to settings and i am getting the same message again.

I don't really use the Kinect but i don't want a broken system/Kinect sensor either.

Does it sound like its something with me and what i am doing or not doing or does it sound like i have a defective something or other?
2 years ago#2
Call Microsoft support. The Kinect is probably bad. It happened to me a few weeks after launch, the Kinect just started showing that it was not plugged in even though it was. MS replaced it.
2 years ago#3
Did what i described happen to you?

I just powered my system down by holding the power button for a few seconds like it told me to and when it came back on my Kinect sensor was powered back up again and working but i did that earlier and it the problem came back.

If i do need a replacement from MS how does that process work?They send me a coffin for it so i can send it to them like back in the day with RROD 360s?

Edit:And its back off again with the same error message in the Kinect settings screen.....dammit.
2 years ago#4
Mine completely died but it sounds like yours is on the way there too. If you give them a credit card number, they'll put a hold on 150 bucks and send you an advance replacement and not charge you anything as long as they receive the busted one back in like two weeks.
2 years ago#5
Thank you for sharing the info.

I am in no hurry,can i get an exchange through MS without needing a CC at all?If they want to charge me or something should i try returning the whole system at Gamestop?
2 years ago#6
If you don't want to give a credit card then you have to send the bad one back first, then they'll send a replacement. You have to cover the shipping that way though.
2 years ago#7
Not too sure i didn't throw something out of whack earlier by changing a setting.It worked fine until i changed the setting to use Kinect as a mic for game chat off.

After the last time i went to the website and although it was a fix for the X1 not recognizing the Kinect and not exactly it doing what mine was i tried what it said by unplugging everything for a few and replugging it.Since it has been fine and its been on for a while now.

Fingers crossed.I don't want to pay shipping on something that should be working right already so if it does it again i will call the 1-800 number and see what they say.If they say i have to pay anything i will try returning the whole thing to Gamestop for another.
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