What's your next game purchase?

#11eddy_cocainePosted 3/15/2014 6:23:14 AM
Trials for sure. Renting MGS. No point in owning that.

Thinking about child of light, also thinking about Rayman, but haven't pulled the trigger.
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#12Hudson_RLPosted 3/15/2014 6:27:03 AM
MGS as much as I wish I could resist...
#13RS_YELARAKAPosted 3/15/2014 6:30:46 AM
RBI Baseball
Kinect Sports Rivals
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#14LostOdyssey17Posted 3/15/2014 6:32:12 AM
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#15ExtortionsPosted 3/15/2014 6:37:35 AM
Nothing on the xbox one unless they get another exclusive.
#16XechsPosted 3/15/2014 6:42:54 AM

I'm just finishing off braverley default, want to play metal gear before dark souls 2 pc release next month.
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#17HaloDad020508Posted 3/16/2014 10:54:22 AM
Watch Dogs
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#18Bac0n01Posted 3/16/2014 11:36:32 AM
Infamous, then Trials Fusion.
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#19HaeravonPosted 3/16/2014 11:56:14 AM
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD comes in Tuesday. After that... Dragon Age: Inquisition? Not really a lot of games I'm interested in right now. Next generation transition and all.
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#20gohoanqPosted 3/16/2014 11:58:34 AM
MasterSword546 posted...
FFX/X-2 HD and InFamous SS.

This exactly for me. lol I guess if you can count it... I'm importing a game for my Vita on the 19th too though who knows when it'll get here.
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