What's your next game purchase?

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User Info: pwnater777

3 years ago#21
Ground Zeroes.
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User Info: Xx_King_Beef_xX

3 years ago#22
I will probably buy Kinect Sports Rivals just for ****s and giggles and to have something to actually use the Kinect for. I might end up picking up a used copy of Thief before that just to try it out and see if I like it though. I was going to buy it on release day when I picked up my copy of Plants v Zombies Garden Warfare, but from the reviews I read it didn't sound very good. At least if I buy it used and don't like it, I can always take it back within seven days.
I have to return some videotapes.

User Info: quincy2000a

3 years ago#23

User Info: nickr2d2

3 years ago#24
Titanfall or Watch Dogs
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User Info: Lukenatme

3 years ago#25
That dog watching game. I watched my dog demo it over at the window once in a while and it looks fun.
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