What is the next big Xbox One game after Titanfall?

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PhaseBlack posted...
It seems like Microsoft was so focused with Titanfall that they didnt plan to release another big game for the Xbox One anywhere near it. It looks like we have to wait till the holidays for the drought to be over

And that my friend is why you own both systems so there is never a drought...
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chrish909 posted...
Ksr soon

Halo 2 anniversary in september

sunset overdrive in october

Maybe quantum in november, but the holiday season seems pretty crowded so maybe feb or march 2015

halo 5 september 2015

Gears 4 november 2015

Damn.... that is a 6 month drought
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MJFJD posted...
Kinect Sports Rivals!

This actually made me laugh out loud. Not sure it was the intended effect but thanks all the same.