Report: Xbox owners are deserting Microsoft consoles for the PlayStation 4

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Rakuen33 posted...
I like how the xbots' only responses are giving the users' info, and saying, "therefore he's trolling derp."

Xbots just flaming real logic with nothing, LOL

TS has been repeatedly making posts mentioning any negative info he comes across about the XB1 and makes sarcastic comments. He doesn't post to have open minded discussion on this forum, but rather to try to get an ego boost by trying to insult people who bought the XB1. To me, that is trolling.

I can see that. Yeah, he shouldn't be doing that... But then again, it is relevant... I mean, you can't only post "positive" things on a news site, right?
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Combo626 posted...
I'm pretty sure we've done this before. You sitting there trying to be clever and boring half the board to death.
You have no material, but I think you could do better. You're using the SAME comments from months ago.

D'aww, you got all upset by me calling you out for trying to act clever, so you try to pull the same line on me. Poor guy!
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There's a pilgrimage to the promised land.
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