Anyone buying MGS 5 GZ?

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2 years ago#1
im on the fence
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2 years ago#2
Passing. I haven't liked the MGS series in a looong time.
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2 years ago#3
I'm thinking about it.
2 years ago#4
Day 1.
Ps4 though.
2 years ago#5
Day 1 buy for me.
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2 years ago#6
Not a chance in hell, I'll wait until they release the full game in a few years.
2 years ago#7
Yes, but i'll be picking up the 1080p version that is closest to the creators vision for the game.
2 years ago#8
The very first MGS was amazing for its time end of story. No interest in MGS none more interested that anyone is interested.
2 years ago#9
squidney2k1 posted...
Passing. I haven't liked the MGS series in a looong time.

This, maybe if I can ever find a copy for like 5 dollars I'll give it a shot. Haven't played a MGS game in a long while though and not really compelled to get back into it.
2 years ago#10
Reluctantly. If I didn't have extra store credit at Gamestop after I paid off Watch Dogs I probably wouldn't at all. Especially now that the single plot point in the game was spoiled in a title on the PS4 board. Never really liked the series and even though I think it's moving in the right direction gameplay-wise, I don't like supporting garbage new business models like this expensive demo with bonus content.

Unfortunately there's nothing else coming out to pass the time. Trials is even worse. Not paying $40 for a Trials game so this is the lesser evil and may even impress me.
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