Pvz gw getting free dlc tomorrow

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Wow and they have yet to bring the game to ps4...I'm so tired of this paying devs to make the competition wait longer for the same product stuff. MS needs to learn to stand on their own merits instead of hurting consumers


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Bumping this topic cause I just saw the youtube video.

Can't wait for tomorrow =3

Link to the video? Couldn't find it
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ImThe8thWonder posted...
Translation: "PvZ: GW is getting content that the devs couldn't put into the game in time but are adding in now."

I'm not complaining, though.

Better than trying to sell the content they couldn't finish on time
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I can't wait. That's like 3 new abilities per class huh? Sounds great lol
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Free dlc...lol
More like... "Some content that didn't make release because we rushed the game out the door"

I enjoy the game as much as the next guy, but be real about it.
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First free DLC on Xbone right? Popcap >>>> hopefully this game retains its players.

Crimson Dragon had a free update that enabled online co-op, and new achievements.
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