Titanfall Lifts Xbox One, But Does PS4 Have a Rebuttal?

#71TrueGBPosted 3/17/2014 8:14:20 PM
Sony has started marketing more heavily of late since Titanfall's release. Kind of a smart move. Why bother wasting marketing dollars against a competition whose game hasn't actually released yet? Not to mention you're already selling systems.

Anyway, last I heard pre-orders of Infamous are actually very high and may have bypassed Titanfall's numbers.
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HENTAIDOJI posted...
Big issues with Mervin. 8 glorious years 360 still poppin strong while the PS3 fades from public light overnight has left her raged

This has got to be one of the stupidest comments I've read in a long time...
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It's Hentaidoji. He's known for that. LOL at him listing me and him as an alt of another poster. He this guy for real?
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EnmaDaio2588 posted...
the PS3/PS4 versions of Watch Dogs has exclusive content.

It's going to be no different than the exclusive Alerline content from AC4. A good chunk of us could care less, it's not going to detract from the game if we don't play it.
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krillens posted...

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It doesn't look like Titanfall is selling even close to Microsoft's expectations, I don't think a "rebuttal" is necessary.
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Sony: Huh? Oh I thought I heard something from way down there! Hey little guys! What's that? Response? To what now? *pats head* sorry guys, we have to leave you all the way behind while we continue to widen the gap between us! Byyyeee!!

Wow a new user and already spamming the Xbox One board with negative/sarcastic comments all day long. There`s a big suprise. Who did you used to be before people got sick of you or you got banned for trolling ? lmao

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Not a new user. An old one. Mervin.

Wasn't origanally banned for trolling. Was banned for making advances on other *male* users. Possibly to share images of .....age .....ren? Who knows?

Mervins Alts are numerous.

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Just a very paranoid person. Who captures message board posts for later use years later?


Did you just list yourself as an ALT account?

I'm in fits. Looool

I think you are mistaken.
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Titanfall gives Xbox One a boost. Okay that's great, but why does that automatically mean Sony needs to hit back right away? Last time I checked, PS4 was doing just fine.
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#79UtterMoonPosted 3/18/2014 6:03:41 AM
The ermm....90% lift was in EU....and the PS4 went up by 72% that same week, and it didn't have a bundle..it didn't have a big game attached..no price drop..it was simply in stock.

But yeah...there just so happens to be a big game releasing this Friday, a title that isn't on the PS3 and PC....a title that can only be found on the PS4. I would expect that its going to sell far, far better than the past Infamous games...and that it will sell more copies on the PS4 than Titanfall does on the Xbone.
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spacejamjordanz posted...
Titanfall gives Xbox One a boost. Okay that's great, but why does that automatically mean Sony needs to hit back right away? Last time I checked, PS4 was doing just fine.

This, this topic is silly and the posts are even worse.

But both consoles are doing perfectly fine and both consoles have exclusives, it would be incredibly annoying after every exclusive released a topic like this came out.

Just enjoy the games maaaan.
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