new xbone owner...

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I bought ps4 at launch. Im impressed with it honestly, but being a gamer...i wanted to get a xbox one as well. So, today i picked up the titanfall bundle. So far im enjoying it all around...minus the long download times. Im excited to dig into both systems and enjoy. This is my first xbox system so im completely new to it as far as owning one myself. I would have to say, they both have features unique to themselves that makes it worth it if you can afford both. Still learning the quirks, but its pretty cool. /blogfaqs
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To add....ive been drinking and im enjoying my purchase. Lol
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A true Xbot never calls the XONE an Xbone!!!! I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!!!... Jk, Glad you're liking it as am I. :D
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B100DSpray posted...
To add....ive been drinking and im enjoying my purchase. Lol

Yeh a lot of us need a drink to enjoy the X1...

I kid, I kid.

I will eventually be a dual console owner but I'll be waiting for price drops and/or bundles with 2-3 games.
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*Hands TC an ultra protective troll/fanboy/shill/Teehee Shield*
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Hey! Xbone makes me giggle...blame my immature sense of humor
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rusty12000 posted...
*Hands TC an ultra protective troll/fanboy/shill/Teehee Shield*

You'll need this, son. Also, try to smash random jars to find money and health.
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#8B100DSpray(Topic Creator)Posted 3/17/2014 4:35:12 PM shield needed. I dont base what i enjoy on others opinions. I like them both.
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Is it shield...or sheild....i before e except after shield right?
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Or maybe sheeeeeld