Marc Whitten Leaves Microsoft.

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2 years ago#41
Troll_Directory posted...
Aceviper posted...
what are you talking about? The article i linked to said that they are going to talk about the future of the console. wasn't hyperbole at all
i emboldened the part i'm talking about, which was hyperbole. you suggested marc shouted about this interview, implying this was some big announcement that he was integral to, when it's more likely ms simply told gamasutra to expect the regular guy they'd already be expecting, rather than give them a name they weren't expecting, which would raise questions. i see now, you're the same person who fibbed about mehdi. so, maybe you don't notice when you're using hyperbole.


what are you even going on about

the article said he was going to talk about the future of the xbone. I said he was going to talk about the future of the xbone. Where the hell is the hyperbole here?
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2 years ago#42
Aceviper posted...
"In a broader set of community, people don't pay attention to a lot of the details," said Mehdi.
this seems to be accurate, and doesn't come close to implying anyone is stupid. there are plenty of smart people involved in the broader community who don't pay attention to a lot of the details involved in their entertainment. many of them have plenty of extra cash to throw at videogames, and don't care about the details or have the time to investigate something they don't take seriously. i'm sure you can agree.
2 years ago#43
Aceviper posted...
Where the hell is the hyperbole here?
Aceviper posted...
"I'm going to talk about the future of Xbone! *leaves the company*"
^it didn't happen that way. you intentionally exaggerated. that is called hyperbole. it's not a bad word. don't sweat it. i was just pointing out the more likely scenario, based on my experience. there are actual STUPID things that some of these goofballs have said and done, that we can still point and laugh at. i don't see the need to embellish.
2 years ago#44
Elite posted...
The chief product officer, which is a very important role when it comes to final approval for products dealing with the Xbox brand.

Leaving for Sonos. Very odd career move, perhaps he knows something the public doesn't. I imagine a high up like that makes at least 250k plus pension benefits at Microsoft.

Sometimes what others see as an odd career move could be something as simple as he got offered more money.
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2 years ago#45
Honestly, this news kinda concerns me. As you might have noticed, Whitten`s replacement isn't just about Xbox. This is the same thing that happened with Don`s replacement. Could Microsoft be cutting down on Xbox exclusive positions because they are going to drop the Xbox brand?
2 years ago#46
I remember teehee's sig said "We believe Jack Tretton quit working at Sony to play more Titanfall on the xboxone.

Now i guess that the ps fanboys can say"we Believe that Marc Whitten leaves microsoft to play more inFamous on the the ps4, lol.
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