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Destiny is a different game after 20 hours
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Cows Go Hisssss469/14 6:00PM
Anyone around level 8 in Destiny want to add me and play?RuinerEraser19/14 5:52PM
Do u believe that developers have been, and will be paid for parity on consoles? (Poll)xtacb69/14 5:43PM
I'm finally getting Minecraft!! (Any tips)kereke1259/14 5:23PM
Xbox Live wont sign me in
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scorpio man129/14 5:12PM
Anyone up for Diablo 3?Xeeh_Bitz19/14 5:12PM
Post the Halo stats of the Halo game you played the most!!!!!!Cows Go Hisssss109/14 5:05PM
P90X for Xbox Fitness Challenge!
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Uproar2099159/14 5:03PM
It would be nice if MS would just buy the whole gaming industry.
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MrXmedia129/14 5:01PM
Does the Xbox One complement the Wii U well?
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Diayamondo429/14 4:57PM
Destiny meltdown bungie hateleathelj79/14 4:55PM
xbox video installstheestriker2319/14 4:43PM
Any word on upcoming Pre-loadable titles?dot_hack_paves69/14 4:37PM
is there a sound difference through xbox one?TonyRodrigues7669/14 4:36PM
What franchise could boost Xbox to the top again?
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FalxXD439/14 4:33PM
question regarding friend requestlordsofshadow29/14 4:24PM
Xbox Live down - Getting boring now! (Closed)
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BullyofSmeg209/14 3:56PM
NAT type strict, randomly,for no reason.
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Agnostic420129/14 3:52PM
Better Developer Studio: Original Infinity Ward or Bungie? (Poll)
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known2FAIL209/14 3:50PM
Now, Here's a Question for Bungie...
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nickr2d2159/14 3:47PM