Where is the couch coop!?

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User Info: saleonkennedy

3 years ago#1
Is there any game on the xbox one where you can play against others online with a friend? One example is fifa 14. It sickens me that i cannot team up with my friend and take others online. Even now with titanfall out, i cannot play with a guest against others online. Is there some kind of hardware issue or what? Microsoft needs to do something. I want to play halo 5 with friends online.

Now that the rant is over. The question remains. Is there a game that allows couch coop?
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User Info: dnmt

3 years ago#2
I first read this as couch poop. Also the answer is no.

User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#3
Inb4 M$ did that to make you buy another xbox one.
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User Info: suicide machine

suicide machine
3 years ago#4
couch co op in general? yes. couch co op vs online? no (unless COD? I don't have this latest one, but in older CODs you could, right?)
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User Info: MidnightJacket

3 years ago#5
Plants vs Zombies is couch coop I believe.

User Info: Tyronelio1

3 years ago#6
Cod is the best thing next gen has for couch coop ATM, squads and extinction ftw.
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User Info: InninXI

3 years ago#7
On the PS4360
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User Info: adonfraz

3 years ago#8
Rayman Legends and Lego Marvel
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User Info: MlREFOX

3 years ago#9
It's on the PS4.

User Info: garaine

3 years ago#10
MidnightJacket posted...
Plants vs Zombies is couch coop I believe.

This^ pvz has split screen coop I can confirm that coz I remember it being an exclusive feature to the Xbox one version.
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