Why does everyone who criticizes MS get called a pony?

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Why does everyone who criticizes MS get called a pony?

The answer is simple: It is a classic example of The Straw Man Argument.

The Xbox One has many, MANY strikes against it when compared to its competitors. There are countless topics on this board on what exactly those strikes are dating back to last May, and common knowledge in the general populace as well, so no need to restate the obvious here. Those who wish to defend the indefensible have to take a different course than using logic and facts. Their only recourse then is to either NAME CALL or CONFUSE/IGNORE THE ISSUE.

The "pony" phrase is the Xbox Fanboy's solution to doing both at once.

Critical Analysis: "The Xbox One has weaker hardware than the PS4. This is why developers have had trouble reaching 1080p/60 FPS resolution on Microsoft games and not Sony games"

Xbox Fanboy: "Pony!"

See, the Fanboy has no logical counter. The facts are the facts, unless you want to live in FantasyLand and hear voices when no one else is in the room with you. So what does he do? Avoids those facts by attempting to paint the person making that critical analysis as unreliable, and changing the course of the conversation from "The Xbox is inferior" to "Sony fans don't like the Xbox."

To a certain extent, this is absolutely on point, and definitely seems to happen frequently that an Xbox One owner on here will resort to slings and arrows as a first response to "critical analysis." And Microsoft definitely hasn't done themselves winning many fans with some of their pre-launch decisions and policies, although I think subsequently they've worked hard to keep their consumer base relatively content.

Microsoft has not gone out of its way to keep their consumer base content.

They have gone out of their way to correct their own mistakes and still keep that user base intact in the face of overwhelming negative reaction to their boneheaded decisions and disjointed management.
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Going out of their way to keep the consumer content? Going out of their way for mistakes they made? Right...
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Everybody acts like Microsoft is this big bad guy that's out to royally screw everybody. They're no better and no worse than any other big name company out there, Sony included, and if you believe otherwise you're a damn fool.

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Nope I disagree, people just jumped on the bandwagon an started hating ms because it was cool at the time and it was more so the Internet community that lashed out at MS not the over 50 million current xbox live active members...

Both incorrect.

To the first, a company can indeed overstep the line between what is beneficial for it and what is beneficial for the consumer. Take GM's troubles of late as a good example. Sweep all those defects under the rug for years because it will cost you too much to do a recall. Same with Microsoft. Losing money to the second hand or rental market? Create a plan that removes that market as a choice for consumers. And please don't follow up with the "Sony was going to do it too!" argument because that is just false. NOBODY knew what Sony was up to with the PS4, as evidenced quite well last February when they shocked the pants off of Microsoft executives.

To the second, you must be new to the party. The very hour after the Xbox One Launch last May, this and several other game/tech boards were awash in extreme outrage over the Xbox One for very specific reasons. To say "it was the cool thing to do" is just an ignorant and childish perspective. I urge you to flip back to those posts on here from May 2013. Check out the archived posts. Assuming you have 50 topics per page selected in settings, I think the discussion from May 21st starts around Page 636 at the moment.
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