If Ground Zeroes is a "demo"... What the hell is Titanfall?

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As a massive MGS fan I can easily say this is one of the most absurd comparisons iv ever seen

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This is an interesting topic, I could imagine my mom or someone else who has zero knowledge of games making it.

and this
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Titanfall is a game with a metacritic score of 86, GZ is already at a 74 and dropping :(
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For a multiplayer only game titanfall is really lacking, not enough game modes and no option for for private matches. I would still say its worth more than gz.
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I may be wrong and please correct me if I am, but I believe that Titanfall is something called a Multiplayer Game (sp?).

Please, feel free to correct me.

What's your point? By anti-Ground Zeroes logic, Titanfall literally has borderline zero content.

Man, that is the dumbest statement anyone has made in a while.
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Titanfall is a competitive multiplayer game that can be played for months right? Can Ground Zeroes be played for more than a week? So TC is SEVERELY mentally disabled correct?
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Since replayability doesn't count and Titanfall has no core content beyond that, what is it? And why is it twice the price of Ground Zeroes?

Well to be honest , titanfall is no more than the multiplayer mode of an absent game. Take any FPS with multiplayer mode , and you'll see titanfall is actually similar to the bonus free mode of that game.
It's good , but incomplete.

I always said the price for titanfall was a scam too.
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Someone has already beat Ground Zeroes in 10 minutes. That's about the time for one single match in Titanfall. So, yeah...

You're actually supporting TC's logic.

1 game in TF = 1 run in GZ. You can do another game in TF or you can do another run through of GZ

Should add that you'll eventually get tired of the "infinite" ways of playing through GZ. But the same person can say he can get tired of TF as well

Ya..not really. Since EVERY multiplayer game experience is different in some manner...not really making the TC's point at all.

Different preferences. Some will say every run through of GZ can be a different experience in some manner.
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TC don't say anything negative about Xbox One's flagship game the fanboys can't handle it.
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This is an interesting topic, I could imagine my mom or someone else who has zero knowledge of games making it.

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Is it me or are the trolls getting dumber as the months go on? There used to be a time where they put thought into their topics, and now we get topics like this.
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