Xbox One's true next gen begins with EA Sports UFC .#1 best graphics of ALL TIME

#1xenosaga123Posted 3/18/2014 1:32:52 PM
IMO, the Fight Night team (now UFC team) are the best at moving advanced gaming technology forward. (plus fighting simulators are more advanced and more balanced than arcadey fighting games.)

The gameplay will of course be superb. UFC team is the only quality team in EA right now and doing a lot more for the genre and industry than any other company in existence!!!!

Lots of positive reactions. This is truly ground breaking and will definitely sell tons of Xbox Ones for sure!!

a bunch of insightful community quotes in one quote:

In my veins.

Another good thing is that the models looks like they were created in natural stances and not T-Pose. Modeling things in a natural stance makes the end result look better.

I really don't see any reason to doubt the graphics in the video being real. just go take a look at what Fight Night Round 3 looked like as a near-launch title for 360. Or how Fight Night Champion looked years later. that team is a bunch of crazy tech wizards if their past is anything to go by.

I really rather have a new boxing title. [coughstupididiotwithbadtastecough]

The models in general maybe. But animated like that? This **** is next-level.
These models are far better than anything you will find in another game. Modeling something that has detailed deforming musculature isn't easy and something like this hasn't been done on this level yet in a game. Anyone that says they have seen something on this level before in a game are full of it. These character models are on their own level right now

The foot planting technology looks amazing, tbh.

Damn! I'm not even interested in the genre, but this game definitely looks appealing based on graphics alone.

What is impressive though is the animations which make the fights look more life like.

You weren't kidding, what the ****

This is next gen.

Massively preferred EA's MMA over THQ's efforts which felt like playing Tekken complete with obvious energy bar depletion mechanics.

The pictures posted are old. The video is new and blows every thing out water in regards to model detail.

Did either of you watch the video where they have procedural animation for the musculature throughout the body and it doesn't look like *****? There aren't any other models this detailed in games. In motion the UFC models crush the stuff in Beyond. Beyond models look like crap in motion when you compare them

Even in the low res video you should be able to see that these models crush what is in Beyond.
You all do understand that the level of deformation that is being done to these meshes aren't possible with the Beyond mesh right? These meshes are far more detailed.

There isn't another developer out there well suited enough to create an in depth MMA game than the fight night team. For the first entry it looks promising

UFC/MMA > Boxing

******* unreal! Day one ALL OVER MY FACE!

Holy ***** this looks mindblowing...
After some of the comments in this thread I wasn't sure what to expect but this looks as good as I hoped a game like this would look
After seeing games designed for next gen hardware like The Order 1886, Batman Arkham Knight and now UFC, I am now officially blown away by next gen me..this stuff is light years ahead of PS360 and even the current cross gen stuff we are seeing on PS4/XB1.

Pretty blown away. A non-trivial step forward

This actually looks unbelievable

***** wowww. Next gen is here.

Realism does make gaming better. :) Gameplay + Graphics = win
This new series is gonna benefit the industry in lots of ways. :)
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Can't wait for this.
#3regsantotomasPosted 3/18/2014 1:35:53 PM
I so want this to be the Fight Night Round 3 of this generation.
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regsantotomas posted...
I so want this to be the Fight Night Round 3 of this generation.

This! Complete with the five achievements equaling 1000 Gamerscore and about four hour play time to 100%! Easiest. Complete. Achievement. Game. Ever.

#5MidnightJacketPosted 3/18/2014 1:40:24 PM
regsantotomas posted...
I so want this to be the Fight Night Round 3 of this generation.

haha, that game is one of the reasons I wanted to get an Xbox 360. Played it way back in college with some buddies and was blown away by the graphics and the fun, had to own the system.

Definitely excited about the new UFC.
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Of all time?
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I made a topic asking when the spring release window is because of this game and all i got was "fall".
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#8MrAwesome312Posted 3/18/2014 1:52:07 PM
I don't know if it'll sell systems, but dang those are some good graphics.
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FNR3 was awesome on Xbox 360 but I liked the PS3 version way more because of the exclusive "Get in the Ring" game mode which was basically playing in first-person perspective.
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#10aheroafakePosted 3/18/2014 1:56:09 PM
This game looks awesome. Definitely getting it.
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